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Brendon webinar size About BrendonThe Sleep Guru – Brendon Lumgair, P.Eng., BA, RYT

Brendon is The Sleep Guru and a national thought leader in the fields of sleep, spirituality and serving a global audience on the web. As a spiritual engineer, he is gifted with the ability to apply ancient wisdom and science to solve modern real-world problems.

Brendon has spoken to audiences at Unity Church, The Body Soul Spirit Expo, and various companies. He’s written a regular column in The Body Soul Spirit Magazine and is a frequent guest on the Living With Tolle monthly tele-seminars.

While in college studying engineering he took a course in Philosophy. The professor provided an environment for him to dialogue and delve into self-exploration and inquiry.  One day the professor read from Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. Brendon felt the Truth deep inside for the first time and was never the same again. Reading different Philosophers and writing papers became his new passion. He went on to complete his BA in Philosophy and do many workshops and retreats with Eckhart and other spiritual teachers.

Brendon is able to draw on his own direct experience of sleep deprivation. As a college student, his part-time job and summers were spent training as an officer in the army reserve. One of the most challenging parts of the boot camps was the sleep deprivation training. He went through a 13-week process of getting less and less sleep. The final week he spent 4 and a half days with absolutely no sleep. He had to continue doing the regular training regime of digging trenches, leading reconnaissance patrols, and completing team missions, all the without sleep. During these weeks he experienced the struggle, exhaustion, and mental dysfunction of sleep deprivation. His experience went from “fog” to hallucinations and constant deja vu. His mind’s grip on reality had loosened it became a mystical experience. On the fifth day he was allowed to sleep for 45-minutes, and it felt like he’d slept for 8 hours.

While working as an engineer in the corporate world, he trained to be a meditation and yoga teacher in his evenings and weekends. This started out as a hobby, but turned into much, much more. He taught yoga and meditation to hundreds of live participants in Calgary, Alberta, and over 25,000 participants worldwide through his websites aNewEarth.com and AwakenedAction.com. After teaching for 7 years, he came to realize that he was hearing his students say the same things over and over again: the main benefit of them attending his classes was not just for the pure enjoyment of the practice, but the result of being able to sleep better.

In 2008 Brendon began body, mind, spirit teaching full time. He had the realization that people saw meditation and yoga as a luxury, whereas sleep was a necessity. It was the meditation and yoga classes that were helping people sleep. He developed a program called “4-Weeks to Better Sleep”, which he taught at local community centers and to his website members via streaming videos. This was his most highly attended course, with 100% attendance and the participants were hungry for more!

He now champions restful sleep as the cornerstone of spiritual awakening.

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