Vlog 10 – Celebrating Success in Sleep & Waking Life

Hi it’s Brendon Lumgair the sleep guru, here with today’s video blog on Celebrating Success and in Your Waking Life. Now why is this important? Well here I am at the end of June, I have now completed my 1 month of furious writing, (laughing), where my lovely wife has supported me greatly in spending a lot of my time during the weeks of writing my new book about helping people sleep better using different Body, Mind, Spirit techniques. And here I am at the end of June if you’ve been paying attention since the beginning, if you’ve been in the journey since the beginning or watched the video blog I ever made, ah you could see that I set out the month of June to really get my book, get the first draft of my book complete. And here I am now, at the end of June, and where I’m at is I’ve written over half of my book now. So pat on the back to me, it’s been awesome, I’ve been very proud of myself for that and did I write the whole book? No.. But did I write the half book? Yes. And for that, I’m gonna celebrate the success. I think it’s often a problem in our culture, I know I’ve dealt with it to kind off beat ourselves up a bit too much about not hitting those lofty goals. But as what my coach told me, he said “well you shot for the moon and you landed in the stars”. So I appreciated that advice and that’s my advice to you too is that the biggest thing to do is celebrate our successes, what we’ve actually done, what we’ve accomplished and keep the momentum going. I think that the biggest success, now that I’ve written over half of the book, I know for sure in my heart that the book will be completed.

The problem before was that I was hesitating, procrastinating and putting it off for like 11 months putting it off and just doing a little bit of it here and there basically toying with it or playing with it versus actually being ah you know, on track, on purpose. So by getting a shift into momentum and fighting what ah Steven Pressfield called the inner battle or the war of art on overcoming those inner block of resistance which I sure felt a bunch of them there, that I have sufficient momentum now, I know what’s gonna get done. I’m over the hump and so whatever that is in your life that you just gonna get over that hump, keep pressing forward, you can do it.

So that’s my tip for today, has to do about sleep and success in daily life is to create a success journal. So in the evening, when you’re winding down, ah, at the end of the day you might be sitting in bed with your journal, write down at least 5 successes you had that day, and they don’t have to be huge. They can be keeping that commitment to yourself, go to the gym that day, it could be keeping that agreement to phone back that uncle that you’ve been putting off that phone call. And it could be the bigger milestones too you know, it’s that day that you know, you finished that certification or passed that test, ah major first sale. So all these things are important and that’s been what I’ve had to focus on here that’s been great since I’ve been doing the sleep guru video blog, I’ve sold several of my sleep easy meditations which are all downloadable and, hurray for me I sold my first book (laughing)…

So on my website, ah people can pre-order my book right now. Someone actually did, someone from the Netherlands has bought my book and as soon as it comes out, as soon as it’s ready ah of the press, they’re going to be the first one to get the copy. So that’s available to you too, if you wanna pre-order my book, go to SleepGuru.com and you can pre-order there.

So here I am I’m half way through my book, I’ve already sold one copy so I’m now officially a professional author, coz I’m not just journaling anymore, I’m actually making money writing so I feel good about that and it’s given me another boost of momentum for keep on going. So do that for yourself, celebrate that little successes along the way so that feel good and you keep your momentum up.

So that’s your tip for today, every night write your 5 successes. So right now, what I invite you to do in the comment box below is write one success that you’ve had in the last 24 hours. If you’re not gonna do it now, you’re not gonna be able to do it later on tonight. So take the 10 seconds it takes now, leave me a comment below with one success you’ve had in the last 24 hours and this will start that momentum of creating more success in your life coz your awareness will go up around your success and like the law of attraction teaches you to draw in more success. So that’s your sleep and success tip for the today.

This is Brendon Lumgair signing off, reminding you to take a deep breath, serve others from your heart, and sleep well tonight.
Blessing in your journey, Namaste…