Some Interesting Tips On How to Sleep Well

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, shared his personal insomnia problems and how he solves them on a blog he wrote for the Huffington Post. Here’s a quick synopsis of some of Tim’s interesting sleep tips:

For those who are suffering with sleeping problems, it is essential to learn about the various ways and methods on how to sleep well. For instance, if it takes you several hours before you can actually sleep, this definitely poses a huge problem because you will not be able to get enough rest for the next day’s activities. It is not advisable to simply brush these problems away because they will eventually have a major impact in your health and well-being. So if you want to improve your sleeping habits, here are a few tips on how to sleep well.

Studies have shown that the human body actually gets more rest with REM sleep. Therefore, if you have a higher percentage of REM sleep, you also get plenty of rest than those who only have a small percentage. So if you feel as though you do not get enough rest at night, this might be the answer to your problems. In order to increase REM, you can actually extend your hours of sleep to more than 9 hours. Aside from this, you can also try to wake up for approximately 5 minutes some 4 ½ hours after you have slept. Therefore, waking up in the middle of the night is not entirely a negative prospect, so long as you get enough hours of sleep. This will help you increase your REM for a more restful and more rejuvenating sleep.

The intake of 3 or more glasses of wine will also decrease your deep wave sleep for about 20 to 50 percent. And if you want to eliminate those awakenings at night, you can also try to eat two tablespoons of peanut butter with your celery sticks. For a healthier option, you can use organic almond butter in lieu of peanut butter. This can help you reduce those awakenings by half.

In terms of temperature, the most ideal temperature range to improve your sleep is from 67 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range actually resulted to the shortest period of time in which you can sleep. Eating a meal that is composed of larger percentage of fat and protein also produced a faster sleep effect than those with lower volumes of fat and protein. The most ample range is 40 grams of protein and 800 milligrams of cholesterol.

To create an environment that is more conducive for sleeping, try to use Philips Go Lite, which has a blue light emitter. This can be a great tool for those who want to improve their sleeping habits. You can also try the Nightwave to help you with your sleeping problems.

Other tips on how to sleep well include taking a cold bath an hour before going to bed or sleeping in a half military crawling position. So make sure to try these out if you truly want to improve your sleeping habits and develop a better lifestyle.

To read Tim Ferriss’s full article go here.

Vlog 9 – Happy Summer Solstice! Harness the Power to


Hi it’s Brendon Lumgair with this video blog coming to you bright and early, just after sunrise on today, Wednesday June 28th which is the summer solstice. So on behalf of my wife Christine and our son Julian, and myself, happy Solstice and I hope that you’ll have a really blessed day today, full of light, full of good vibrations and that you take advantage of what’s available to you today and I’m gonna get into that here in just a second.

Ah first I’m out here in beautiful Invermer British Columbia, ah where I am in the Columbia valley and I have been on my book writing retreat to ah, write my book ah, How to Get a Better Sleep Using Yoga and Meditation, still don’t have the title totally wrote out yet but maybe you guys can help me out with that later and I wanted to talk to you about the summer solstice. Today is the longest day of the year, meaning that the sun rose the earliest and it’s gonna set the latest. Now that change is depending on where in the world you are, if you’re down south in Ecuador, ah you know on the equator, the days is still gonna be about 12 hours long, ah but if you’re up north, in the northern climate specially in Canada or Sweden, ah you’ll you know there’s a dramatic difference in fact today we’ve got about 16 and 1/2 hours of day light which is really quite dramatic, the sun doesn’t go down until about 10:30 or 11:00 pm tonight so it’s a full day. And that’s why it’s so visually ah stimulating and important to ride this wave, you know, the earth, the seasons are cycles and we always do a winter solstice seminar and party at our house. Well this is the summer solstice, this is the other side of that cycle.

So what does this means to you? Well it is probably, potentially the most powerful day of the year. Ah if you know what you’re doing and you can harness that energy for your own good and for the good of the planet through serving others. So where does this lead us?

Well today’s success tip is to start. Just get started. OK, hahaha… One of our newest clients that we’re building a website for, she’s really great, and she’s telling us a story about being on this exclusive retreat, with some high level world class trainers, ah one of them was Blair Singer who has worked with Robert Kiyosaki from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. He’s kind of Robert’s sales trainer if you could say, he wrote a book called Sales Dog, ah New York Times number 1 best seller but he was working this client of ours, ah was doing one on one session with Blair and ah, you know talking about his business idea, what the next step was, what was holding her back and basically what came down to it was Blair got quite frustrated with her for not moving forward, that she had a great plan but, was taking some action, but you know, she was just really holding herself back in a lot of ways. So this is what he said to her and it was probably one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard, I’m so glad she told us is that, Blair looked at her, “You are taking too long…When are you going to start?”

That’s the question he asked her, and it was very profound and it’s just kinda knocked her out of her analysis paralysis and got her to take some actions and part of that action was working with us. Ah so, it’s been a huge step forward for her, we’re so happy for her and we love working with her and that’s my question to you. Here we are, ah six months after our winter solstice webinar, that’s where we did ah talked about new beginnings, starting things, having a fresh clean start to the cycle, the new solar cycle. Well here we are halfway through the year, it’s the year 2012, and we’re only 6 months away now from December 21, 2012 which is end of the Mayan long count calendar and I don’t know what’s gonna happen but there’s a potential for lots of change and right now what are you doing? The clock is ticking. So, if you’re on sitting on this day or around this day watching this, use this as an inspiration to get started with whatever you’re doing and for me, that looks like, here’s a tip, just get started. And one way to do that is to work towards that goal of yours, that dream of yours for one hour today, not next week, today, the day you’re watching this recording, whenever that is.

So one way I’d like to do that is actually set a timer on my cellphone to go for one hour and then I started. And then for that one hour, it’s a focus work period where you’re gonna do nothing but work towards your dream whatever that is. Researching things, making a phone call to someone, checking out, getting support, whatever that looks like. For one hour, you’re not gonna check email, you’re not gonna answer your phone, you’re not gonna reply to that text message that just came in, you are actually gonna work towards this. And at the end of that one hour, when the time goes off, you’re gonna have so much momentum already. You’re gonna have trouble stopping yourself from doing some work. So just finish up what you’re doing, pat yourself on the back, and know that you took the most important step on the path. And that is the first step. From there, you can keep building momentum, keep working towards your dream and if you’re already on your way, to doing that, living your purpose, use it as a call to step it up today, take it to the next level, get out of your comfort zone, whenever that is, get to the next level.

So use the light that’s available to you today, and right now at this time of the year to start what I’m calling the summer of success. So now, now the excuses are over, the kids are gonna be out of the school, ah work is usually a bit more relax in the summer, the weather is nicer, all the conditions are favorable for you to do a new thing so just do it. And of course Christine and myself are here to support you in that, and just keep on checking out our website, we’ve got a lot of cool things coming up, ah we’re gonna be doing a blogging 101 for authors, and light workers, conscious entrepreneurs, that’s coming up. And if haven’t been aware of my new movement which is helping people to sleep better using yoga and meditation, it’s very exciting. I’ve been doing this video blog here for the past month, so please check out my new sites, and sign up for email updates ah, where you’re gonna get a video on the Real Reason Why People Have Trouble Sleeping. And even if you don’t have trouble sleeping, chances are one of your family members does, so sign up, keep track of what I’m doing and find out more of my book coming out as well in the future.

So with that, I just wanna encourage you to enjoy today, make this your new start. Because what’s gonna happen, how you gonna feel if the 6 months go by and we’re doing our winter solstice webinar and you still haven’t done what you said out you do this year, the whole year will have pass you by.

So please, take action, do your best, that’s all anyone can ever do. And blessings on your journey, remember to take deep breathe, serve others from your heart, and have a great sleep for tonight.


VBlog 8 – What My 89 Year old Grandma Taught me about Sleep


Hi are you interested in finding out what my 89 year old grandmother just taught me about sleep and success? Well if you have you come to the right place  my name is Brandon Lamgair and I’m a sleepguru and ah  todays video blog is one tip that will cover both sleep and success all rolled in one and it’s what I just learned from my grandmother who has been visiting  the last two days ah from Manatoba which is where my parents originally from so she is in town and I love finding out more from her I’ve got so much respect from my grandmother she is 89 year old she is so full of spunk and energy and  life, she when she gets up in the morning she gets up early she  down on her basements she walks 50 laps around her basement, to the laundry room, trough the then and she  keeps doing her lap she does 50 of them every morning and even when she was here the last 3 nights at our house visiting she would still do them she would still do 50 laps around our basement in the morning, I can hear her feet pitter-pattering around a circles so its really great. Ah she’s such an inspiration to me she was even mowing her loan until she was 85 years old and the only reason she had to stop was her eye sight you know it’s getting worst with cataracts’ and stuff. Ah but she’s got that fixed now, so I just got a lot of respect for her and a lot of the other people that have been on the planet for you know almost triple the time I’ve been around so I think we have a lot to learn from our elders and a show them respect and learn what work for them and what didn’t work. So  my grandmother,  ah she lived through the great depression and the she lived on the farm out on prairies of Manatoba and one of the things that I ask her about was what did people live like back then?

I’m always curious to know ah what life was like  back then before, computers and smart phones and cars you know were abundant in all this stuff and I ask her you know got to learn about that. And then  I ask her you know  what was people sleep patterns like when where did they go to bed, when did they wake up, what would they do because it’s in the farm? You know she went on to tell me a story about how their lives were very much adjusted with the seasons because in the summer time of course spring and summer it was the busiest time ever to be on the farm. They were seeding, they were doing all the preparation for the crops, they were you know working the whole summers you know  as soon as it was warm enough to get out there they were out there and doing their stuff and am I asked her what time they were get up in the morning and she said were get all get up at 5am and I said what time would they you know  finished  work and go to bed? And her answer really surprised me and she said they go to bed when they were done what they had to do that day. So you know it’s pretty amazing how hard they worked and it was also pretty amazing to know and find out you know how they lived. So they got up about 5am in the spring and summer and went to bed at about 10pm.

So the key lesson here today which, which I asked her was there any kind of saying  used to use to get yourself motivated or get yourself out to bed? And ah it’s a saying I’m sure you’ve heard a lot before but it’s a key to getting a good night sleep and being successful all rolled into one and what she said is the early bird gets the worm ,the early birds gets the worm and I’m sure you heard it a hundred times and ah it’s a little cliché but when it came from her mouth I really had to pay attention ah because this people live through the  great depression times were tough ah you know crop failures, bugs, funguses were taking  out crops it was a tough go for many years ah so I had to listen to this closely and what I got from it in talking with her  was really about getting up early  and getting a start on the day. Ah so I know some other success authors talk about this, Robin Sharma who wrote the book The Monk Who Sold His  Ferrari  and the greatness guide he also recommends us he suggests getting up at 5am and he calls it  even challenges people to get up and   join what he calls a 5am clock am and starting their day what he calls the holy hour which is to spend 1 hour doing exercise, meditation, ah prayer, reading books that are inspirational ah not reading the news paper but reading inspirational books ah all that kind of stuff so this is the holy hour starts at 5am. And he says in his one of the quotes in his books was something like “while the rest of the world is sleeping I am awake I am meditating” and this was a big key  to his success because he said “a life that successful is merely a bunch of days that are successful” so getting up at 5am. Now I ask her why did they get up at 4:30 am you know I’m always trying to figure out what is that time and she don’t have some scientific answer anything  to that but basically was you know 5am was the right time to get up ah because at time you get yourself ready the sun will be up on the prerace you know  at 6:30am or 6am in the summer and they could get down to work so here’s my challenge to you are you willing to join the 5am club with me? So I’ve been inspired by her I’m gonna give this a shot because I’m always trying to find that ideal time to go to sleep and ideal time get up and its different for every person whose actually a three different sleep types identified but I’m willing to try this out so right now it’s Wednesday and 1 week from now is going to be the summer solstice on June 20th that’s the longest day of the year so what I’m gonna do is get up at 5am for the next ah whatever  5 week days  and start my day then and see how it goes so will you willing to join me to join the 5am clock for 1 week and give it a shot leave me a comment below and if you are already  doing that and you know please tell me about it tell me how its working for you and what results your getting and what  challenges you’re facing.

So that’s your sleep tip and success tip all rolled into one for my 89 year old grandmother this week. So that will get you through next a little while here and so go ahead leave a comment below and once again I’m Brendon the sleepguru signing off, encouraging you to breathe deeply, serve others from your heart and have a great sleep tonight, take care.


Vlog 6 – Why comparing your sleep to others is a trap


Hi its Brendon Lumgair the sleepguru and this is my video blog about winning the war of art, breaking through the blocks and win your own creative battles. This book is from Steven Pressfield the guy who wrote the movie the Legend of the Bagger Vance, remember the golfing movie with Will Smith. Yeah so it’s about 3:30 in the afternoon now and I’ve kinda hit a low point of the day you know the energy is low about 3o’clock that’s why it’s good time to take a nap between 3 and 4. Ah and  I just hit an inner block of resistance you know I was thinking about  a title of my book today I’m kinda  still  on a feeds about it, I’m not sure exactly what to do maybe  you guys can help me out with that later.

But what I started to do is look at a bunch of books I got from the library. On the day I drove up out in the city I stop by librarian and got a whole bunch of sleep books now and DVD’s, now these books their all good, they have their own message but it’s not my message, and I had to ask myself why am I getting all these books? Am I going out to the cabin to consume content or I’m going out to the cabin to create content. So that’s the distinction there, for a lesson in living your dreams is to be aware that you’re not consuming too much content and yet you’re actually redirecting your energy into creating content.

So anyways ah these books here are all well and good. But actually as I started to look at the title and read the back of them I didn’t even crack them open but  I started to compare myself  to these authors. It’s kind of a natural human thing to do is compare ourselves, so as I look up the title the sub-titles and I’m like well you know these guys have written a lot of these  stuff before, so there is a lot good sleep stuff out there and why I need to approach this?  and what came to me is ah whenever I started thinking that way, my wife Christine reminds me, well maybe go to the book store and look at the diet section of the book store and I have done that before. Literally there are rows upon rows upon rows of books in the diet and nutritious section well just diet I won’t talk about nutrition. Diets. Am and  if there’s room for 10 thousands diet books plus a hundred thousand diet ebooks in the internet  there’s definitely room for another  sleep books in the sleep section because actually it’s a pretty small  narrow section of the book store even though it affects  about 30% of the population am that’s why I’m writing this book.

But the thing is don’t compare yourself to others when your living your dreams. Ah you got to remember you run in your own race, this is your own message, ah remember to write from your heart. I remember writing papers in philosophy well I was doing a degree philosophy in college. And a lot of the paper, some of the papers I kinda the look at it the end of it well this is just a bunch of quotes from other famous philosophers and I kinda patch together to support my argument, ah it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of ME in this paper and I handed it over. But the papers I love the most were the ones were it was like 99%  my original inspired contents, thoughts, experiences, explorations and like 1% quotes from other people. So that’s how  why I like to write now, I write from my own experience, I feel like that’s the only place  any of us can really  write or teach  or present from. And  used books, other books they are all important I think more for just for getting scientific or statistical data and less about actually the content or the lessons learned. They’re your lessons learned, they’re your inner gifts to give so stick to that.

Ah how this is related to sleep well your sleep tip is the same thing don’t compare yourself to others even to your husband, or your sister or whomever can sleep 6 or 8 hours a night constantly and they fall to sleep at 10:30 on the dark no problem at all and wake up when the alarm goes off instantly and hop on the bed with spring in their step and you don’t compare yourself to them.

You’re living your own life, your working on it, you’re taking the next step ah by listening to this video blog you’re learning new things about sleep, changing behaviors to improve your life that’s your tip there for sleep.

So thanks again my name is Brendon Lumgair the sleepguru signing off and encouraging you to breathe deeply, breathe deeply see I need it that one too.

Serve others from your heart and Sleep well tonight.  Blessings are in your journey, Namaste…

Vblog 5: Story of worrying to sleeping like a baby


Hey everyone its Brendon Lumgair the sleepguru here with today’s message. Coming here from Rimrock Hotel in Banff, ah it’s one of the best hotels around definitely on part of the Banff Spring hotels. A bit more about that a minute, I’m gonna start about the sleep tip today and that is a friend of mine drove through Banff actually we met up for lunch the other day because she was driving through the Vancouver, so she stop in here and we met for a lunch to this awesome pizza joint called the Bison Bistro, so if you ever in Baff definitely just check it out.

And ah, you know, we got to know, you know, we’ve known each other for a little while now. She told me before that she had a sleep problems and actually she would you know, been thinking about her day, thinking about what  people were  saying, why they said the things they did, you know why would people do the things they do, you know she just kind of an analytical person. You know ah, who wanted to know what was going on, she wanted the best she could on her relationships. Ah but the problem is she’ll be awake until 3 or 4 in the morning and so she took up painting as a hobby to just past the time at night. So she asked me Brendon what should I do what can I do you know you’re writing a sleep book give me something, anything. So I gave her one of my best techniques and I’ll share with it to you now.

So what it is, is when you’re thinking like that you’re kinda you’re worried about the future or more likely kind of frightening about of the past or what’s going on. What you can do is to create a worry list, so go ahead when you’re lying in bed at night doing your sleep ritual, set your timer give yourself 10 minutes max and open up your journal and write on top of it “worry list” and write down all the things you’re worried about everything there, don’t hold back, get it all out. The point here is get it out the subconscious layers into your awareness out on paper so you’re not struggling with at night, so do that write it all down, take that piece of paper and when the timer is done take the piece of paper, get up, go out of your bedroom and leave it there. My suggestion is actually make a file folder in down stairs called worries and put it in there and just leave it in there or you can just destroy it, whatever you want to do. In that way it’s out on your mind it’s on paper and it’s gone, you have honored it, you have listened to the worries and now it’s out on your hands. So I’ll give her this exercise to do and we finished our lunch and went out our way.

I just texted her right now and asked her how is she doing, how did it go, did she do it. She got back to me and said she did it that night and it worked really well for her. She said that she passed out as soon as she closed the journal and put her head on her pillow, so I’m really happy for her and it work great and it works on my students as I taught the course live at the community centers and such for the past, so that’s our sleep tip for today.

Ah your living dreams tip for today is to  be in inspiring places like I’m here in  this awesome place right now, ah it’s a little bit cloudy, usually you could see the whole cascade mountains behind me but just actually beautiful. Ah inside is just a remarkable place where I like to come Christina I like to come and just  sitting and have coffee and lunch and just have massive fire place, a beautiful wooden furniture, you know this hotel is amazing, it’s probably 300 dollars a night to stay here.

Ah as I walking by the valley wearing like one of those  tough hats, you know big tall tough hats, you know that’s what you know about a nice hotel, and you know sir what can I do for you, is there anything I can do for you, and I just like wow  awesome service. I want to be staying in a place where I get service like that, so that is an inspiration. So my tip to you is go to the places  that inspire you , places that you wanted to be, places where you would stay , you know when you’re ready to or  you know when you hit a big time as a successful author, singer whatever just go there have a coffee, have a lunch. Be in that environment soak it all in, and that’s gonna help rise up your inner self to the next level , it’s gonna give you the reason  why you keep pressing forward when times get tough, doubts come in and you start questioning whether you’re wasting your time around. So go ahead be in inspiring environment, make a conscious choice to put yourself there and do some creative stuff while you’re there, have some fun and that’s all gonna comes down to.

So thanks for listening and tell me your inspiring environment that you’re like to go for a coffee just to get away from that all and be inspired. So write that in my comments box below and let me know.

And so once again I’m Brendon the sleepguru signing off and encouraging you to breathe deeply, God I love that fresh mountain air.

Serve others from your heart, and have a great sleep tonight.

Vlog 4: How To Get Up from The Monday Morning Blahs

Hi! Its Brendon Lumgair the sleepguru and this is my video blog for early Monday morning. Right behind me here you can see my cabin in the woods as I’m up here in beautiful Banff, at National Park and there’s a mountains all around me. It’s awesome, beautiful, totally inspiring place to be.

Yeah, I wanted you to take a tour in my cabin and I’ll show you my writing environment, and teach you how to get over the Monday morning BLAHs so you can live an inspired week, so come along with me let’s go!

So this is awesome, I’m actually out at the Hostelling International Hostile. I got my own little cabin here so it’s really great and the price is excellent, ah so here I am, you know as you can see I kinda got you know, a small little space here and it’s all I need to get the job done and yah here is my writing environment here. I’ve got my, had to ask them to bring in a desk and a chair. Sometimes you gotta ask for what you need in life. I got my laptop set-up here. If you look underneath I got it raised up and sitting on top of Eckhart Tolle’s books A New Earth and the Power of Now. So those really are the foundation of my teaching literally, as you can see I got it raised up coz I think that’s good organamics, the external keyboard and mouse all that stuff. You know I don’t wanna be hunched over the laptop too long and I’ve got some other inspiring books and my affirmation cards, stuff like that to keep me going. So this is where I have been spending my time writing my book, getting out lots of fresh air.

And, ah what I want to talk to you about today, in terms of living your dreams is getting over your Monday morning BLAHs. Did you know that most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings? It’s a statistics and a problem for that is people are just dreading; they’re resisting going back to work or going back to life to face yet another week. The way to overcome this, one way to overcome this is to create a bright future. This is a technique I learned from Brandon Broadwater of Higher Laws.

So what I encourage you to do is think of one thing coming up this week that you are actually really excited about. Ah, so for me on Sunday morning, Sunday evening my 89 year old grandmother from Romanatoba is coming to Calgary to visit us, so that’s gonna be great, this is the first time she’s gonna get to see my baby Julian. We are so excited to have her and my aunt and uncle, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to. So that helps get my mind out of Monday, in a mocking Monday into a positive future.

So after the video, in the comment box below, I want you to write what is your bright future for this week? Ah something you are looking forward to. A friend’s birthday, coffee with that friend, something probably to do with a relationships or maybe you’re going on a trip or you know, a day trip on the weekend, whatever that is.

And now for your sleep tip of the day, ah this one is so right up to the press, I have not written it out yet as you can see the top of my page, the document say’s “Give Up and Get Up”. OK so this is what happened to me this morning is basically I woke up at about I looked up at the alarm clock @ 5:02 am, you know I’m planning of sleeping for more than that like till about you know 6:30, but what happen was I started thinking about work, I started thinking about our website business, clients, conversation I was gonna have this week, that was a bit challenging. So I started to rehears things in my head. Before I knew it I’ve been trying thinking about it for at least 15-20 minutes. So basically I was doing work while I was lying in bed. Not very productive because I wasn’t getting any sleep and I wasn’t getting any work done either.

If it’s after 5am “Just get Up, Just give up and Get Up”. Okay, why after 5am? Because has to do with body’s natural rhythm, our circadian rhythm. Basically between 3am and 5am we are at our lowest point of the day in terms of our body, a low energy processing stuff, memories, food, everything. So if you get up before 5am you probably still be groggy, like if you ever had to catch a flight, and get up at 4:30 makes your life kinda pooped, and if after 5am, you know, and you’re just thinking of some work and you can’t stop, and if you’ve applied the body, mind and spirit technique I taught you before and if it wasn’t working, just give up and get up. Get started in your day and you will feel a lot better.

So that’s my sleep tip for today and remember to leave a comment below, with what is your bright future for this week. So this is Brendon the sleepguru, signing off, and encouraging you to breathe deeply, serve others from your heart, sleep well tonight and more blessings to your journey.


Vlog 3: How to Set the Foundation for Creativity

Hi everyone! It’s Brendon the sleepguru blog here for a Sunday morning, and I just finished doing my yoga and did about 20 minutes of meditation this morning so I’m feeling great. I’m out here in Banff, Canada we’re doing my writer’s retreat.

Here’s a quick peak on my set up here, I got my laptop and if you can look at the window there I know it’s a little bit bright and a rocky mountain right outside my window. So, totally inspiring and having a great time here and yesterday I did about 8 hours of writing and that is huge, that was really big for me. I think that most that I can typically done in a day is about 3 to 4 before my brain goes fried… (laugh)

So how did I do it?

Here’s your tip for living your dreams today and that is to start your day off on the right foot with a morning ritual.

So rituals are things that something that puts a stake in time and create predictability and certainty in your life. They amidst all the other chaos and circumstances happening in your life, a ritual, like a morning ritual whilst put a stake in the ground and give you a foundation to move from for the rest in your day. So for example, I do about 20 minutes of yoga in the morning and I’ve been able to get 20 minutes of meditation too so that’s been awesome and is really fueled my creativity. If you’re interested in knowing my yoga routine, if leave a comment asking about it, maybe I make a video blog about it.

So yeah, what’s the lesson here is to put first things first, and even this morning, I was tempted to, I could feel myself rushing through my yoga because I wanted to go watch an inspirational message. I’ve been in every Sunday morning for the last several years now Christine and I watched a Christian Pastor named Joel Osteen actually he delivers a very inspiring sermon, he’s really God focused, really inspired guy. And so I was gonna go watch the live streaming video that I normally do, and I was kinda rushing through my yoga and at one point I’m just trying to say that I’m not enjoying this, is this really serving me? So I decided to say no, I’m not gonna do that right now I can watch the recording later. So actually I had to stop myself from going out to get more inspiration from an outside source and just come back to turning my attention inside finding my inspiration on the inside. That’s my recommendation to use, is to set up a morning ritual whether that’s you know, saying some affirmations, doing you know 15 minutes of exercise in the morning, getting out for a walk. It’s always good to start with eating something light like I take a protein shake at first thing, just you are not hungry. That’s my living your dreams tip, ah my sleep tip for today is about hitting the snooze button, because that’s what I did a bit too many times this morning and I kinda feel like it’s still affecting me but my recommendation there is if you’re gonna use snooze, only do it twice, only hit the snows button twice. In my experience, once you go pass two snoozes, ah your brain is basically being, your mind is being wacked in and out of the dream state and waking stake and it’s kinda like a ping pong ball going pow pow pow pow… and it’s gonna affect you for the rest of the day. So if you can’t use snooze, if you don’t use snooze, that’s probably the best thing. If you’re gonna use it, only use it only twice.

Okay, thanks a lot everyone and I’ll chat with you again soon in the next video blog. OK, take care and make sure to leave a comment below if you wanna see my yoga routine… See yah!