VBlog 8 – What My 89 Year old Grandma Taught me about Sleep


Hi are you interested in finding out what my 89 year old grandmother just taught me about sleep and success? Well if you have you come to the right place  my name is Brandon Lamgair and I’m a sleepguru and ah  todays video blog is one tip that will cover both sleep and success all rolled in one and it’s what I just learned from my grandmother who has been visiting  the last two days ah from Manatoba which is where my parents originally from so she is in town and I love finding out more from her I’ve got so much respect from my grandmother she is 89 year old she is so full of spunk and energy and  life, she when she gets up in the morning she gets up early she  down on her basements she walks 50 laps around her basement, to the laundry room, trough the then and she  keeps doing her lap she does 50 of them every morning and even when she was here the last 3 nights at our house visiting she would still do them she would still do 50 laps around our basement in the morning, I can hear her feet pitter-pattering around a circles so its really great. Ah she’s such an inspiration to me she was even mowing her loan until she was 85 years old and the only reason she had to stop was her eye sight you know it’s getting worst with cataracts’ and stuff. Ah but she’s got that fixed now, so I just got a lot of respect for her and a lot of the other people that have been on the planet for you know almost triple the time I’ve been around so I think we have a lot to learn from our elders and a show them respect and learn what work for them and what didn’t work. So  my grandmother,  ah she lived through the great depression and the she lived on the farm out on prairies of Manatoba and one of the things that I ask her about was what did people live like back then?

I’m always curious to know ah what life was like  back then before, computers and smart phones and cars you know were abundant in all this stuff and I ask her you know got to learn about that. And then  I ask her you know  what was people sleep patterns like when where did they go to bed, when did they wake up, what would they do because it’s in the farm? You know she went on to tell me a story about how their lives were very much adjusted with the seasons because in the summer time of course spring and summer it was the busiest time ever to be on the farm. They were seeding, they were doing all the preparation for the crops, they were you know working the whole summers you know  as soon as it was warm enough to get out there they were out there and doing their stuff and am I asked her what time they were get up in the morning and she said were get all get up at 5am and I said what time would they you know  finished  work and go to bed? And her answer really surprised me and she said they go to bed when they were done what they had to do that day. So you know it’s pretty amazing how hard they worked and it was also pretty amazing to know and find out you know how they lived. So they got up about 5am in the spring and summer and went to bed at about 10pm.

So the key lesson here today which, which I asked her was there any kind of saying  used to use to get yourself motivated or get yourself out to bed? And ah it’s a saying I’m sure you’ve heard a lot before but it’s a key to getting a good night sleep and being successful all rolled into one and what she said is the early bird gets the worm ,the early birds gets the worm and I’m sure you heard it a hundred times and ah it’s a little cliché but when it came from her mouth I really had to pay attention ah because this people live through the  great depression times were tough ah you know crop failures, bugs, funguses were taking  out crops it was a tough go for many years ah so I had to listen to this closely and what I got from it in talking with her  was really about getting up early  and getting a start on the day. Ah so I know some other success authors talk about this, Robin Sharma who wrote the book The Monk Who Sold His  Ferrari  and the greatness guide he also recommends us he suggests getting up at 5am and he calls it  even challenges people to get up and   join what he calls a 5am clock am and starting their day what he calls the holy hour which is to spend 1 hour doing exercise, meditation, ah prayer, reading books that are inspirational ah not reading the news paper but reading inspirational books ah all that kind of stuff so this is the holy hour starts at 5am. And he says in his one of the quotes in his books was something like “while the rest of the world is sleeping I am awake I am meditating” and this was a big key  to his success because he said “a life that successful is merely a bunch of days that are successful” so getting up at 5am. Now I ask her why did they get up at 4:30 am you know I’m always trying to figure out what is that time and she don’t have some scientific answer anything  to that but basically was you know 5am was the right time to get up ah because at time you get yourself ready the sun will be up on the prerace you know  at 6:30am or 6am in the summer and they could get down to work so here’s my challenge to you are you willing to join the 5am club with me? So I’ve been inspired by her I’m gonna give this a shot because I’m always trying to find that ideal time to go to sleep and ideal time get up and its different for every person whose actually a three different sleep types identified but I’m willing to try this out so right now it’s Wednesday and 1 week from now is going to be the summer solstice on June 20th that’s the longest day of the year so what I’m gonna do is get up at 5am for the next ah whatever  5 week days  and start my day then and see how it goes so will you willing to join me to join the 5am clock for 1 week and give it a shot leave me a comment below and if you are already  doing that and you know please tell me about it tell me how its working for you and what results your getting and what  challenges you’re facing.

So that’s your sleep tip and success tip all rolled into one for my 89 year old grandmother this week. So that will get you through next a little while here and so go ahead leave a comment below and once again I’m Brendon the sleepguru signing off, encouraging you to breathe deeply, serve others from your heart and have a great sleep tonight, take care.


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