Vlog 9 – Happy Summer Solstice! Harness the Power to


Hi it’s Brendon Lumgair with this video blog coming to you bright and early, just after sunrise on today, Wednesday June 28th which is the summer solstice. So on behalf of my wife Christine and our son Julian, and myself, happy Solstice and I hope that you’ll have a really blessed day today, full of light, full of good vibrations and that you take advantage of what’s available to you today and I’m gonna get into that here in just a second.

Ah first I’m out here in beautiful Invermer British Columbia, ah where I am in the Columbia valley and I have been on my book writing retreat to ah, write my book ah, How to Get a Better Sleep Using Yoga and Meditation, still don’t have the title totally wrote out yet but maybe you guys can help me out with that later and I wanted to talk to you about the summer solstice. Today is the longest day of the year, meaning that the sun rose the earliest and it’s gonna set the latest. Now that change is depending on where in the world you are, if you’re down south in Ecuador, ah you know on the equator, the days is still gonna be about 12 hours long, ah but if you’re up north, in the northern climate specially in Canada or Sweden, ah you’ll you know there’s a dramatic difference in fact today we’ve got about 16 and 1/2 hours of day light which is really quite dramatic, the sun doesn’t go down until about 10:30 or 11:00 pm tonight so it’s a full day. And that’s why it’s so visually ah stimulating and important to ride this wave, you know, the earth, the seasons are cycles and we always do a winter solstice seminar and party at our house. Well this is the summer solstice, this is the other side of that cycle.

So what does this means to you? Well it is probably, potentially the most powerful day of the year. Ah if you know what you’re doing and you can harness that energy for your own good and for the good of the planet through serving others. So where does this lead us?

Well today’s success tip is to start. Just get started. OK, hahaha… One of our newest clients that we’re building a website for, she’s really great, and she’s telling us a story about being on this exclusive retreat, with some high level world class trainers, ah one of them was Blair Singer who has worked with Robert Kiyosaki from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. He’s kind of Robert’s sales trainer if you could say, he wrote a book called Sales Dog, ah New York Times number 1 best seller but he was working this client of ours, ah was doing one on one session with Blair and ah, you know talking about his business idea, what the next step was, what was holding her back and basically what came down to it was Blair got quite frustrated with her for not moving forward, that she had a great plan but, was taking some action, but you know, she was just really holding herself back in a lot of ways. So this is what he said to her and it was probably one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard, I’m so glad she told us is that, Blair looked at her, “You are taking too long…When are you going to start?”

That’s the question he asked her, and it was very profound and it’s just kinda knocked her out of her analysis paralysis and got her to take some actions and part of that action was working with us. Ah so, it’s been a huge step forward for her, we’re so happy for her and we love working with her and that’s my question to you. Here we are, ah six months after our winter solstice webinar, that’s where we did ah talked about new beginnings, starting things, having a fresh clean start to the cycle, the new solar cycle. Well here we are halfway through the year, it’s the year 2012, and we’re only 6 months away now from December 21, 2012 which is end of the Mayan long count calendar and I don’t know what’s gonna happen but there’s a potential for lots of change and right now what are you doing? The clock is ticking. So, if you’re on sitting on this day or around this day watching this, use this as an inspiration to get started with whatever you’re doing and for me, that looks like, here’s a tip, just get started. And one way to do that is to work towards that goal of yours, that dream of yours for one hour today, not next week, today, the day you’re watching this recording, whenever that is.

So one way I’d like to do that is actually set a timer on my cellphone to go for one hour and then I started. And then for that one hour, it’s a focus work period where you’re gonna do nothing but work towards your dream whatever that is. Researching things, making a phone call to someone, checking out, getting support, whatever that looks like. For one hour, you’re not gonna check email, you’re not gonna answer your phone, you’re not gonna reply to that text message that just came in, you are actually gonna work towards this. And at the end of that one hour, when the time goes off, you’re gonna have so much momentum already. You’re gonna have trouble stopping yourself from doing some work. So just finish up what you’re doing, pat yourself on the back, and know that you took the most important step on the path. And that is the first step. From there, you can keep building momentum, keep working towards your dream and if you’re already on your way, to doing that, living your purpose, use it as a call to step it up today, take it to the next level, get out of your comfort zone, whenever that is, get to the next level.

So use the light that’s available to you today, and right now at this time of the year to start what I’m calling the summer of success. So now, now the excuses are over, the kids are gonna be out of the school, ah work is usually a bit more relax in the summer, the weather is nicer, all the conditions are favorable for you to do a new thing so just do it. And of course Christine and myself are here to support you in that, and just keep on checking out our website, we’ve got a lot of cool things coming up, ah we’re gonna be doing a blogging 101 for authors, and light workers, conscious entrepreneurs, that’s coming up. And if haven’t been aware of my new movement which is helping people to sleep better using yoga and meditation, it’s very exciting. I’ve been doing this video blog here for the past month, so please check out my new sites, sleepguru.com and sign up for email updates ah, where you’re gonna get a video on the Real Reason Why People Have Trouble Sleeping. And even if you don’t have trouble sleeping, chances are one of your family members does, so sign up, keep track of what I’m doing and find out more of my book coming out as well in the future.

So with that, I just wanna encourage you to enjoy today, make this your new start. Because what’s gonna happen, how you gonna feel if the 6 months go by and we’re doing our winter solstice webinar and you still haven’t done what you said out you do this year, the whole year will have pass you by.

So please, take action, do your best, that’s all anyone can ever do. And blessings on your journey, remember to take deep breathe, serve others from your heart, and have a great sleep for tonight.


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